Corona Arch Rope Swing

The latest addition to our arsenal of "over the top" high adventure activities is the worlds largest natural rope swing. Created by Brock  & Thad,  this rope swing is guaranteed to "Blow your Mind"! Imagine free falling 40 feet then gently being shot out of a cannon at 75mph. This is truly the grandaddy of all cheap thrills and is a must do for all true adventure freaks. A ride you will not soon forget!

We have two types of sport enthusiasts: the "safe" sports and those that push the envelope, the adventure freaks. The people who watch from the sidelines live quiet lives and participate in the ski season, water skiing at local lakes, mountain bike or take the yearly backpacking trip. Then you have the 2nd group; they are the ones that live and breathe the mind blowing sports: 100-200+ road bike races, Triathlons, raging river kayaking, climbing the highest peaks in the world and many more. Leaders, not followers. And now we have a new activity to offer you. The Worlds Largest Natural Rope Swing is  not your typical 30 feet or even 50 feet, it is a 130 foot swing. Corona Arch is 140 feet from the top of the arch where the bolts are anchored to the ground. Your total swing is about 250 feet from side to side.

Watch the video on  this page and the others on youtube for  Corona Arch Rope Swing, we promise you...this is the sort of risk that thrill seekers love taking. It. Is. Fun! Join us.
  •      Where: Corona Arch - Moab, Utah
  •      When: March through November, usually Fridays and Saturdays
  •      Cost: $375.00 per person - 1 jump/2 if time permits (Look for the special coming in December on Groupon.)
  •      Time required: Roughly 4-5 hours per group. 15 to a group.

Is it Safe? Totally. You are harnessed in with 2 ropes that hold 2500 pounds each, and 2 locking carabiners. After the jump you are gently Lowered to the ground.

Is the equipment included? Yes. Helmet, harness, ropes, carabiners, gloves.

Also included - a video will be posted on YouTube showing your Go-Pro video of the entire groups adventure. Snacks and cold drinks during the activitiy.

Are there limitations? Yes. The weight limit is 250 pounds. Children? No. This is not an activity conducive to children under 16 years. Teens 16-18 will need parents written and notarized consent.

Disclaimers? Yes. Disclaimers as well as a medical release form before you jump.

Will you be required to help with the equipment? Yes.

What other things are needed? You will needed to bring a backpack with a large water bladder, a lunch, (we bring some snacks and water, but you will need to bring a full bladder). Sunblock, hat, and head-lamp with fresh/new batteries are also items you will need. There could be sit down time if another group is ahead of us.

Are we Licensed? Yes. We have a permit with the BLM as well as The School Lands Trust have given us permission to use the Corona Arch area for our high adventure activities.

Corona Arch is public land. We do have a permit, but that does not mean we rent or own it. Thus if another group is ahead of us it could be a 4 hour wait period before we can use it. We try to be there first thing in the morning, but it isn't always possible.

The arch has been used for decades by rock climbers to rappel from. But it is only in the past year that it has been used as a swing and what a swing.

Safety is our primary concern. We are considered "Safety-Nuts" by all who know us. This is why in our many years of doing tours in Utah we have never had an accident of any kind.